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Location:United States of America

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Other places 2 find me: asianpopshock, f*ckyeahasiantvpicspams, fizzy lifting, time and chips, whedonesque, css beauty

Layout: coded and designed by me. Header features SMAP's Kimutaku. Friends only banner features Arashi in Happiness PV. Profile graphic features actor/model Mizushima Hiro. Tiny icons by no1-antielitist. Stock photography from stock.xchng

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andy lau, angel: the series, ani difranco, anime, aoi yuu, arashi, art, ben folds, bob dylan, bones the series, bookish men, books, booth/brennan, bradley whitford, british accents, buffy the vampire slayer, bump of chicken, cape cod potato chips, cheese, creativity, css, danny elfman, dbsk, diet pepsi, doctor who, domoto tsuyoshi, dorothy parker, eddie izzard, ennio morricone, film, firefly, food, freddie mercury, fruits basket, fukada kyoko, full metal panic!, gackt, ginger snaps, graphic novels, green wing, grilled cheese sandwiches, harry potter, hgtv, horikita maki, ice cream, inohara yoshihiko, inoue mao, interior design, inuyasha, iron & wine, jack lemmon, jane austen, japan, jdrama, jeff buckley, jet li, joni mitchell, josei, joss whedon, jun hu, kate havnevik, katharine hepburn, kdrama, kimura takuya, kings of convenience, kinki kids, kino's journey, last exile, laura linney, leon lai, liev schreiber, literature, london, manga, martin sexton, movie marathons, mr. knightley, music, nagano hiroshi, nagase tomoya, nathan fillion, new york, nightmare before christmas, nodame cantabile, origami, pajamas, paris, patricia clarkson, patty griffin, peaches, penguins, photoshop, pixar, politics, pop disaster, princess nine, psych, pudding, queen, radwimps, rpgs, samurai, sarcasm, sato ryuta, scrabble, secretary, seeley booth, sense and sensibility, shakespeare, shoujo, singing, smap, steve martin, stolichnaya, studio ghibli, super junior, takeshi kaneshiro, tamsin greig, tanqueray, tea, theater, thin crust pizza, thomas newman, tim burton, tim robbins, toda erika, tokio, tony leung, torchwood, twelve kingdoms, v6, vampires, vicki zhao, video games, vintage prints, wesley wyndam-pryce, west wing, william butler yeats, yo-yo ma
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