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Friends Only

1 part foodblog + 1 part political soapbox + 10 parts fangirly squee =
A day in the life of an everyday girl

For some reason you've stumbled upon my crazy, rambling, fandom obsessed blog, where I rule with an iron, but delicately chic fist. I ramble. I squee. I poke and prod when I should probably sit back and shut up, but I suppose that's my nature, and I don't apologize for it. I'm sassy and sweet when I want to be, and fiercely loyal when it comes to good friends.

I avoid drama like the plague, so if you seek it out, this is not the place for you.

While I'm really into ships, so much so that it borders on the ridiculous, I won't tolerate wank or ship bashing of any kind, whether or I ship the couple or not. Wankers beware - which is funny on so many levels. Making up words is my hobby, as is photoshopping and shopping of any other kind. Music is my passion and my occupation.

I'm also ultra-liberal and prone to exaggeration and pontification, so be ready for the occassional political soapbox. It doesn't happen all that often, but if something's on my mind, I'll probably post about it. There won't be political LJ-cuts, but there are always spoiler LJ-cuts. Strange? Maybe.

I also have a dirty mouth.

Lastly, sometimes I comment and sometimes I don't, but I always read my flist.

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ETA: At this point, my flist is getting to be pretty big (for me), so please don't be hurt or offended if I don't add you. I usually add people if we've interacted on the other boards, we have hella things in common or I just have a really good feeling about you.

If you're looking for my icons or layouts please head over to my fanart journal, Fizzy Lifting.
It's all graphics and zero the insanity of me.